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1. Shift handover with relieving QA Inspector, lab may not to be left unattended/open. 2. Read “log book” and Whatsapp Quality group messages when coming on shift for feedback from the previous shifts, as well as instructions from the Q.A.Manager. 3. Check Production Plan on Cupboard to be aware of what products and material mix are planned to run on machines. 4. Do Final visual checks, on a sample basis, in the Production Cage and if acceptable, attach “Quality approved” sticker. 5. Do online visual checks in the Production areas. 6. Check conditioning samples and continue with lab tests where required from previous shifts. 7. Record visual checks on the “QA charts” 8. Prepare the forms required for your shift. 9. Morning shift – Check all production trollies before released to the stock yard. 10. Liaising with all departments and provide meaningful feedback to the team with regards to QA issues that may arise. 11. Record all non-conformances from products tested, on NCR and put sample in Reject box. 12. Operate with efficiency and accuracy and record information and report writing timeously and accurate. 13. Ensure that the Production Manager/QA Manager is made aware before stopping a line and excessive generating of scrap during production, via Whatsapp Group. 14. All non-conforming products to be put in Quarantine area. 15. Do back checks and retest on all fault finding product and record findings. 16. Report faulty equipment or lost equipment to Lab Assistant on a daily basis, via Whatsapp Quality group. 17. Do all prescribed tests according to the “Test frequency check list” (CF4), SANS standards and Specific Permit Conditions. 18. Ensure that test samples are kept and removed on Manager’s instruction. 19. Keep work area clean and tidy at all times, including TEST EQUIPMENT. 20. At the end of shift collect all test forms, Control charts and Non- conformance reports and put in the relevant holders. 21. Report low stock on test liquids and test consumables to Lab Assistant via Quality group. 22. Ensure safe keeping of all measuring devices and report fault/lost equipment to QA Manager timeously. 23. A short summary on production progress to be posted onto the Quality group every 4hrs during your shift.

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Good communication skills Team player

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Cape Town - Perm/Temp Recruitment


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