Training and Development Center

For our clients

As demand for skills increases, competition among employers heightens to find and retain the best people. Manpower not only finds the right talent for your company, but also keeps them competitive in today’s world of work. Our Training and Development Center (TDC) with more than 5,000 hours of training including e-learning courses in end-user software applications, business skills and information technology, is our solution.

TDC widens the talent pool for you as it allows us to re-skill associates and candidates to support your needs. This also helps you retain and develop your team in the changing world of work.

For our candidates, associates and employees

Staying competitive in today’s job market is an essential part of maintaining a successful career. You can positively impact your career through knowledge. Manpower’s Training and Development Center (TDC) provides over 4,000 online courses that are accessible 24/7. Covering a wide range of subjects in many languages, the TDC features the latest information for a variety of fields, written by experts, and is constantly updated.

This world-class learning environment allows courses to be completed at an individual pace, while at work or at home. From learning the latest technology in the IT field, to brushing up on business management courses, the TDC has something for everyone.

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