Preparing the workforce with skills to meet and exceed changing demands

A skilled, knowledgeable associate works smarter, safer, and more efficiently. The associate also generates results – faster. Companies need talented workers with energy to reach further and build a successful, productive workplace. Through Manpower’s host of training programs, we are helping our associates build the talent and skills it takes to make a difference for companies and adjust to the ever-changing demands of the workplace.

We offer these training programs at no charge and no obligation. Our training offerings span an associate’s skill in almost any application.

Undoubtedly, our associates value this training as an additional benefit of working with Manpower,
thus raising their job satisfaction, longevity with Manpower and dependability.  We have developed a number of skill improvement programs in-house through the expertise of training professionals. Manpower also provides free online training to all candidates, associates and employees via the Training and Development Center (TDC) .The TDC features an incredible selection of more than 5,000 hours of on-line courses on subjects ranging from basic end-user software skills and professional development to advanced computer programming and high-level accounting.

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