How to attract your employer with a cover letter.

Writing the Cover Letter

The cover letter can be just as important as the resume. Not only is it your introduction to the company, it is your opportunity to tailor your qualifications to the job opening. Cover letters are not a synopsis of your job history or a long self-description. One page is sufficient. Your purpose is to generate interest and your aim is to get an interview. Don't describe yourself with terms such as "assertive, aggressive, highly motivated and mature." Instead, demonstrate those qualities by specifically listing your accomplishments. Here are the basic rules for preparing a cover letter.

Paragraph 1 - The first paragraph identifies the position for which you are applying and where you saw the ad or how you learned of the position. Clear information will ensure that your resume ends up on the right person's desk.

Here is an example: I am responding to your job posting on for the IT Developer position at your ABC headquarter.

Paragraph 2 - The second paragraph explains that you can perform the job. This paragraph is a bridge which connects your resume with the position. You may want to include information that outlines related assignments of accomplishments, similarities to your current position and why you believe you can do the job. This paragraph will have a greater impact if your accomplishments include facts such as numbers, statistics, programs established, etc.

Here is one example of how you might approach this paragraph: Your Requirements - My Experience Three years of experience in a call center or customer service department. Over four years of experience as Customer Service Specialist with ABC phone company. Excellent computer and phone skills. Proficient in MS Office programs. Able to learn customized call center software and phone systems very quickly. Able to contribute to improving service levels. Helped create a customer service training course and manual improving service levels.

Final Paragraph - The final paragraph is your closing pitch. Thank the reviewer and repeat your interest in the job. Request the next step in the interview process. Tell the recruiter how to get in touch with you - repeat your phone number and email address. Also, if you say you will contact the recruiter, make sure you follow through.

Here is the example: I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss how my - background and experience could benefit your organization. I can be reached via email anytime at, or by phone at 021 - 1234 5678. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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